VSAT - Satellite Networks Essentials

4 days training event


VSAT - Satellite Networks Essentials

Course Outlines - Download PDF

This course is designed to provide satellite and VSAT engineers the necessary cutting-edge information on how to plan and implement a VSAT network. It provides the fundamentals and planning tools for a successful project. Included in the program is a workshop comprising of VSAT site survey, installation and commissioning of a VSAT.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Understand framework of VSAT technology in the evolving context of satellite communication

  • Outline remote VSAT and Hub components

  • Sketch the signal flow path in outbound and inbound directions

  • Differentiate between Front-end and Offset-fed antennas

  • Step through the VSAT network implementations

  • Step through the VSAT Installation and commissioning procedures

  • Use different tools involved in VSAT installation and commissioning procedures.

The VSAT Market

  • VSAT Systems

  • Underlying objectives

  • Benefits & applications of VSATs

VSAT Earth Station Engineering

  • Schematic and functionality of remote VSAT and Hub Master Control Station components

  • Signal flow - outbound and inbound directions

  • Configuration of Front-end and offset fed antennas-polarization

VSAT Network Implementation

  • One way, two way

  • Star and mesh topologies

  • Hub Implementations

  • Classes of Mesh Connectivity: CBR and VBR applications

VSAT System Description

  • Network Control Centre: NCT and NMS

  • Gateway systems

  • Remote Terminal Units: RTU-V, RTU-O, RTU-C

VSAT Installation and Commissioning

  • Pre-installation site survey

  • Installation

  • Antenna alignment and commissioning procedures


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