Wireshark skills: packet analysis and ethical hacking

4 days training event


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Wireshark is the World's most popular network analyzer. This course is very practical. There is so much to learn in this course. From basic to advanced network analysis using Wireshark. Learn how to analyze and interpret network protocols and leverage Wireshark for what it was originally intended: Deep Packet Inspection and network analysis. Hack network protocols like DTP, VTP, STP and DHCP using Ethical hacking tools. Learn how to automate your captures and learn how to hack the network using Python and Wireshark

What will you learn?

  • How to troubleshoot networks using Wireshark

  • How to use Wireshark for Ethical Hacking

  • Understand and Interpret network protocols

  • Capture VoIP, OSPF, HTTP, Telnet and many other protocols using Wireshark

  • Improve your job prospects by adding Wireshark experience to your resume

  • Ethically, Hack Networks protocols using Linux


  • TCP/IP Standards and Protocols.


  • Network Engineers

  • Network Architects

  • Ethical Hackers

  • IT Managers

Course Outlines

Wireshark Basics

  • Introduction

  • Capture Frames, Packets, Segments

  • Troubleshoot why no packets were captured?

  • Port SPAN/Mirroring

OSI Model Review

  • OSI Model Layers

  • From Application Layer 7 to Physical Layer 1

  • Encapsulation Concept

  • TCP/IP vs OSI Model

Wireshark Filters

  • Wireshark display filters

  • Practical demonstration for Wireshark display filters

  • Wireshark capture filters

  • Wireshark filters: IP address/protocols

Hacking (Ethical) Passwords

  • Telnet Password and Data Captures

  • TFTP Password and Data Captures

  • FTP Password and Data Captures

  • HTTP Data Captures

  • Cisco router HTTP Password Capture

Hacking (Ethical) VoIP

  • Replay Voice over IP Calls (Virtual IP Phones)

  • Capture and Replay voice calls (Virtual and Physical IP Phones)

Protocol Analysis

  • Troubleshooting examples

Wireshark Tips and Tricks

  • Quick Wireshark filters

  • Wireshark Profiles

  • Wireshark conversation filters

  • Wireshark statistics

  • Wireshark protocol hierarchy

  • Wireshark flow graph

tshark and Termshark

  • Overview of tshark install and capture packets

  • Termshark

Wireshark Examples

  • Example 1: Capturing & Analyzing DNS with Filtering

  • Example 2: Capturing & Filtering HTTP Traffic

  • Example 3: Capturing & Analyzing Email


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