Smart School Bus WiFi Solution

school bus with free wifi

The Smart School Bus will help the school districts adopt creative and innovative solutions to extend the reach of the classroom to students inside their trips to and from the school by creating WiFi hotspots so students can go online and practice Distance Learning.

Solution Design Highlights

  • Indoor WiFi Access Point with LTE/5G Backhaul (Possible dual sim for Carrier Diversity for optimal connectivity). With MU-MIMO up to 128 simultaneously students

  • Indoor Switch

  • Active GPS - Provides tracking and location-based reporting

  • Cloud-based central management - Remote monitoring and management

smart school bus wifi solution

Solution Results

This solution powers the connected school bus with LTE/5G technology, secure and reliable high-speed WiFi internet connectivity. The school buses will serve as WiFi hotspots for the students and they can access the wifi within 100m of the bus.

The School buses equipped with the Wi-Fi solution provide reliable and secure internet connectivity for students to complete online assignments. The school bus can create internet hotspots when parked throughout the community or during the daily routes of school activities, such as sporting events and field trips. The solution also provides the added benefit of providing real-time access for other school buses technology solutions such as video cameras, DVR storage, and GPS.

school bus with free wifi access