Microsoft security fundamentals

4 days training event


Course Outlines - Download PDF


  • Introduction

Security Methodologies

  • Zero-Trust Methodology

  • The shared responsibility model

  • Defense in depth

Security Concepts

  • Common threats

  • Encryption

Microsoft Security and Compliance Principles

  • Microsoft's six privacy principles

  • The service trust portal

Identity Principles / Concepts

  • Identity as the primary security perimeter

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • What identity providers are

  • What Active Directory is

  • The concept of Federated services

  • Common Identity Attacks

The basic Identity Services and Identity types of Azure AD

  • What Azure Active Directory is

  • First Live AzureAD Demo

  • Users, Groups and Roles

  • Hybrid Identity

  • External identity types (Guest Users)

Authentication Capabilities of Azure AD

  • The different authentication methods

  • Self-service password reset

  • Password protection and management capabilities

  • Multi-factor Authentication

Access Management Capabilities of Azure AD

  • Azure AD Conditional Access

  • Azure AD roles and Role-Based Authentication Control (RBAC)

Identity Protection & Governance Capabilities of Azure AD

  • What identity governance is

Basic Security Capabilities in Azure

  • Azure Network Security groups

  • Azure DDoS protection

  • Azure Firewall

  • Azure Bastion

  • Web Application Firewall

  • Ways Azure encrypts data

Security Management Capabilities of Azure

  • Azure Security center

  • Azure Secure score

  • Azure Defender

  • Security baselines for Azure

Microsoft Security Fundamentals

Security Capabilities of Azure Sentinel

  • Azure Sentinel

Threat Protection with Microsoft 365 Defender

  • Microsoft 365 Defender services

  • M365 Defender for Identity

  • M365 Defender for Office 365

  • M365 Defender for Endpoint

  • Microsoft Cloud App Security

Security Management Capabilities of Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 Security Center

Endpoint Security with Microsoft Intune

  • Microsoft Intune

Compliance Management Capabilities in Microsoft

  • Compliance Center and Compliance Management

Information Protection and Governance Capabilities of Microsoft 365

  • Data classification capabilities

  • Sensitivity labels

  • Retention Policies and Retention Labels

  • Records Management

  • Data Loss Prevention

Insider Risk Capabilities in Microsoft 365

  • Insider risk management

  • Communication compliance

  • Information barriers

  • Privileged access management

  • Customer lockbox

eDiscovery Capabilities of Microsoft 365

  • About eDiscovery

Audit Capabilities in Microsoft 365

  • Audit Log

Resource Governance Capabilities in Azure

  • Azure Resource locks, Blueprints and Policy

  • Cloud adoption framework


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