Design & Deploy an enterprise wifi6 network

4 days training event


Course Outlines - Download PDF

What will you learn?

  • Design & Implement WiFi 6 Networks for different types of buildings (hotels, office buildings, stadiums, retail stores, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, & schools) and...

  • Different types of WiFi 6 Access Points and Antennas, and their signal coverage

  • How to design a Redundant Wireless Network

  • Deploying a multi-site Wireless Network

  • Understand the business aspects of designing, installing, and maintaining a Wireless Network, and the costs associated with the network

  • The different components of a Wireless Network (access points, repeaters, switches, routers, controllers, VoIP phones)

  • Where to place Switches, Routers, and Access Points

  • How to Design & Install outdoor Wireless Networks

  • Deploying Voice Over Wireless LAN

  • Applications that benefit from, or rely on, Wireless Networks (Guest WiFi, Voice Over WLAN, Premium WiFi, Location-Based Services, Inventory Management)


  • You should have a basic understanding of computer networks (routers, switches, IP addressing, WANs, VPNs).

Who should attend this course?

  • IT Engineers who are deploying Enterprise WiFi Networks

  • Wireless and Telecom Engineers

  • IT Managers

  • Anyone who wants to have a real-world understanding of WiFi

Course Outlines

  • Introduction

WiFi 6 Fundamentals

  • IEEE 802.11ax

  • RF, Antenna, and Basic Connection Process

  • Channel Access

  • Frequencies

  • WiFi 6 Frames

  • Free Space Path Loss

  • Ranging

Site Survey with Ekahau Tool

  • Introduction to Ekahau Site Survey

  • Predictive Site Survey

  • Pre-Deployment Site Survey

  • Post-Deployment Site Survey

Initial Planning

  • Initial Planning of a WiFi 6 Network - New Construction

  • Initial Planning of a WiFi 6 Network - Existing Construction

  • Initial Planning of a WiFi 6 Network - Passive Surveys & SNR

Access Points & User Devices

  • Access Points - Introduction

  • Power Over Ethernet

  • Wireless Mesh Access Points

  • Access Point Antennas, Amplifiers, & Repeaters

  • Access Point Placement

  • Access Point Placement - Performing Active Surveys & Simulations

Controllers, Application Servers, & Switches

  • Wireless Controllers

  • Application Servers

  • Switches

  • MDFs & IDFs

  • Examples

Advanced Design Considerations

  • User Quantity

  • WANs

  • Redundancy

  • Roaming

  • Multiple Floors, Frequency, Transmit Power, RRM


  • Guest WiFi

  • Encryption & Authentication

  • Rouge APs & Honeypots

  • RF Shielding, Physical Security & DDos

WiFi 6 Penetration Testing


  • Introduction

  • Authentication

  • Monitoring

  • Location Awareness

  • Inventory Management

  • Voice over Wireless LAN


  • New Construction

  • Existing Construction

  • Testing

Using Fluke AirMagnet

  • Passive Surveys & Planning

  • Active Surveys



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