5G RF Planning & Design

4 days training event


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What will you learn?

  • Introduction to 5G Air Interface

  • 5G Link Budget

  • 5G Coverage and Capacity Dimensioning

  • Propagation Model Tuning

  • 5G (detailed simulation) Planning

  • 5G Physical Cell ID (PCI) Planning

  • 5G RAN Dimensioning

  • Path Loss Propagation Models

  • 5G Beam Planning

  • 5G Downtilt Planning

  • 5G Physical Random Access Channel (PRACH) Planning


  • Basic concepts of Mobile telecommunication.

Course Outlines

Introduction to 5G Planning

  • 5G Frequency Bands

  • Most Popular 5G Bands to Deploy

  • Subcarrier Spacing vs Cell Size

  • 5G FDD TDD Modes

  • Advantages of TDD Deployment

  • Steps in 5G Cellular Planning

5G RAN Dimensioning

  • What is Coverage Dimensioning?

  • What are Path Loss and Propagation Path loss Models?

  • 3GPP Propagation Models

  • Rural Macro

  • Urban Macro

  • Urban Micro

  • Propagation Models before 5G

  • Okumara-Hata Model

  • Walfisch Ikegami

  • Sakagami Kubi Models

  • Selection Criteria for Selection of PL Model

  • Maximum Allowable Path Loss (MAPL)

  • Cell Area, Intersite Distance and Required Number of cells Calculation

  • Link Budget Equation

  • Factors affecting LInk Budget

  • Building Penetration Loss

  • Foliage (Vegetation) Loss

  • Rain Fade Margin

  • Body Block Loss

  • Interference Margin

  • Shadow Fading Margin (SFM) and Location Probability

  • Shadow Fading Margin Vs Cell Size

  • Shadow Fading Standard Deviation Values for Propagation Models & SFM calculation

  • Effect of Active Antenna Unit (AAU) on Link Budget

  • Capacity Dimensioning

  • Traffic Model and KPIs for capacity dimensioning

  • Capacity Dimensioning Calculation

Propagation Model Tuning

  • Propagation Model Tuning Steps

  • Drive Test Preparation And Procedure

  • Drive Test Measurements

  • The Standard Propagation Model Used in Model Tuning

  • Setting K1 and K2 coefficients

  • Diffraction Loss Multiplier Coefficient K4

  • Clutter Loss Coefficient K_clutter

  • Measuring goodness of Model Tuning

  • Model Tuning Example from Atoll RF Planning Tool

Nominal (Detailed Simulation) Planning

  • Inputs & Outputs of 5G Coverage Planning Simulation

  • 3D Ray Tracing Model

  • electronic Maps For RF Planning And Their Basic Formats

  • 3D Electronic Map Types: DTM, DLU, DHM and 3D Vector

  • Coverage Planning & Plots: Composite Plot, Dominance Maps, Overlapping Zone Plot

  • 3D Coverage Prediction

  • Monte Carlo (Dynamic) Simulations

  • Defining New Services in Planning Tool

  • Defining User Profiles, Geographical User Density and Traffic Distribution

  • Simulation Methodology for Monte-Carlo Simulations

  • Detailed Coverage and Capacity Prediction Maps

5G NR Beam Planning

  • 5G NR Beam Classification

  • Static Beams

  • Dynamic Beams

  • Broadcast Beam Coverage Scenarios

  • Scenario Selection Of Broadcast Beams

5G Downtilt Planning

  • Antenna Tilt Types

      • Mechanical Tilt

      • Electrical Tilt

      • Preset Electrical Tilt

      • Mechanical Tilt

  • Total 5G Beam Downtilt

  • Same Coverage of SSB and CSI-RSRP Beams

  • 5G RF Downtilt Planning Principles

Detailed Parameter Planning: Physical Cell ID (PCI) Planning

  • PCI Collision Free Principle

  • PCI Confusion Free Principle

  • Minimizing PCI Planning Impact On Network Performance

  • PCI Mod 3 Staggering for PSS

  • PCI Mod 4 Staggering For DMRS on PBCH

  • PCI Mod 30 Staggering For DMRS on PUSCH, PUCCH and SRS

Detailed Parameter Physical Random Access Channel (PRACH) Planning

  • Preamble Sequence Formats

  • Steps in PRACH Planning

  • Select PRACH Format

  • Calculate Number of Cyclic Shifts Ncs Cell Radius

  • Calculate Number of Preambles Per RSI

  • Calculate the Number of RSIs per cell and RSI groups


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