5G O-RAN (Open RAN):

Architecture, Procedures, and Use Cases

4 days training event


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What will you learn?

  • O-RAN (Open RAN) Concept in detail

  • RAN Functional Split Options (especially option 7.2x)

  • O-RAN Architecture (SMO, Non-RT RIC, Near RT RIC)

  • DevOps in O-RAN

  • Evolution to O-RAN, D-RAN, RAN Disaggregation)

  • Enhanced CPRI (e-CPRI) Protocol

  • Virtualization on O-RAN

  • O-RAN Use Cases (Traffic Steering, NSSI Optimization, UAV resource allocation)


  • Basic concepts of Mobile telecommunication and 5G

Course Outlines


  • The main components of a 5G Network

  • Design Goals of Open RAN

Evolution to Open RAN

  • Traditional Base Station Architecture

  • Evolution to Contemporary Base Station

  • Evolution to Virtualized RAN (vRAN)

  • From Virtualized RAN (vRAN) to Open RAN

  • Difference between Distributed RAN and Centralized RAN

  • Difference between Centralized RAN and Cloud RAN

  • Path to 5G Open RAN: Horizontal Dis-Aggregation

RAN Splits-Logical View

  • Different RAN Functional Splits

  • RAN Split Option 1

  • RAN Split Option 2

  • RAN Split Option 8

  • RAN Split Option 6

  • RAN Splits Logical View

  • Option 7.2x for Open RAN

  • Enhanced CPRI (e-CPRI) Protocol

Overview of O-RAN Architecture

  • Difference between Open RAN and O-RAN

  • Control Plane & User Plane Dis-Aggregation in O-RAN

  • Entities & Interfaces introduced in O-RAN Alliance Architecture Functions

  • Options for Aggregation of O-RAN Nodes

  • O-RAN Control Loops

  • Major Entities in O-RAN Ecosystems

Virtualization Techniques for O-RAN

  • Evolution of Virtualization: Physical Network Functions (PNFs)

  • Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

  • Monolithic Applications as VNFs

  • Cloud-Native Network Function Distributed Applications

  • O-Cloud Deployment Option

  • DevOps CI-CD in O-RAN

  • Network automation to reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Detailed O-RAN Architecture

  • Service Management and Orchestration (SMO)

  • Non Real Time RIC (non-RT RIC)

  • JSON (JavaScript Object Nation) Format Example

  • A1 Policy Format and Examples

  • Centralized and Distributed Near-RT RIC

O-RAN Traffic Steering Use Case

  • O-RAN Traffic Steering (TS) APP vs Traditional TS

  • Advantages of TS using O-RAN

  • Required Data (KPI) collection for TS

  • Role of Non-RT RIC in TS

  • Role of Near RT RIC in TS

  • TS Example Scenario

Network Slicing in 5G O-RAN

  • What is a Network Slice

  • Example of Network Slicing in 5G

  • Single Network Slice Selection Assistance Information (S-NSSAI)

  • Network Slice Subnet Instance (NSSI)

  • Network Slicing Management Model: CSMF, NSMF, NSSMF

  • Network Slice Template (NST)

  • Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Architecture

  • ONAP based O-RAN Network Slicing Architecture

  • Network Slice Instance Creation Procedure Using ONAP based Network Slicing

O-RAN Use Case

  • Use Case: NSSI Resource Allocation Optimization

  • NSSI Resource Allocation Optimization Procedure

  • Flow Diagram: NSSI Resource Allocation Optimization

  • Use Case: Flight Path-Based Dynamic UAV radio resource allocation

  • Flight Path-Based dynamic UAV radio resource allocation procedure

  • Flow Diagram: Flight Path-Based Dynamic UAV Radio resource allocation

  • Use Case: 5G Massive MIMO Beamforming Optimization

  • Massive MIMO Beamforming Optimization Procedure


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