5G NR Essentials: Technologies, Architecture and Protocols

5 days training event


Course Outlines - Download PDF

5G Overview

  • Why 5G

  • 5G Requirements

  • How do we fulfill 5G Requirements

5G Timeline

  • 3GPP Timelines

5G Architecture - SA and NSA

  • Introduction to 5G Architecture

  • 5G Deployment Options: Stand Alone (SA) Architecture vs Non-Stand Alone (NSA) Architecture

5G Enabling Technologies

  • Introduction to Enabling Technologies

  • Massive MIMO & Antennas

  • 3D Beam-Forming

  • Virtualization in 5G

  • Cloud-Native in 5G

  • Containers in 5G

  • Microservices in 5G

  • Automation and Orchestration in 5G

5G Network Architecture

  • Next Generation NodeB (gNB) functions in NG-RAN

  • Packet Data Unit (PDU Session)

  • What is meant by Control Plane and User Plane separation

5G NR Air Interface

  • Channel Bandwidth

  • NR - Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (NR-ARFCN)

  • Difference between Global and Channel Raster

  • Resource Grid in 5G NR Air Interface

  • 5G NR Logical Channels

  • 5G NR Transport Channels

  • 5G NR Physical Channels

  • Physical Signals

  • Procedure to Understand 5G channels

  • 5G NR Cell Acquisition

  • 5G NR Initial Access (RACH Procedure)

  • Scheduled Data Transmission Procedure

  • Control Resource Set

  • Paging Process

5G Core Architecture

  • Service-based architecture (SBA)

  • Important Takeaways

  • Point to Point Interfaces

5G Core Elements

  • Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)

  • Authentication Server Function (AUSF)

  • Session Management Function (SMF)

  • User Plane Function (UPF) - New

  • Unified Data Management Function (UDM)

  • Policy Control Function (PCF)

  • Application Function (AF)

Network Function Virtualization and Network Slicing in 5G Networks

  • Network Function Virtualization

  • Network Slicing

Remaining Functions in 5G Core Network

  • Network Repository Function (NRF)

  • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)

  • Network Exposure Function (NEF)

Identifiers in 5G

  • Subscription Permanent Identity - SUPI

  • Subscription Concealed Identity - SUCI

  • Permanent Equipment Identity - PEI

  • Global Unique Temporary Identity - GUTI (5G)

  • 5G-S-TMSI

  • 5G GUTI to 4G GUTI Mapping

  • Tracking Areas in 5G

Procedure in 5G Networks

  • UE Power-On and Registration

  • UE Idle and Connected Modes

  • PDU Session Establishment

  • UE Paging Procedure

  • Handover and its types in 5G

Service-Based Architecture (SBA) in 5G with Use Cases

  • Service-Based Architecture (SBA) in 5G

  • Mechanisms for NF services provision

  • Concept of Resource in 5G SBA

  • HTTP Methods in 5GC

  • HTTP Responses in 5GC

  • Naming Scheme for NF Function

  • REST APPLIED TO 5G Core Network Service
    Use Case 1: Network Function Registration with NRF

  • Use Case 2: NF Service Discovery

5G NR Essentials: Technologies, Architecture, and Protocols

Essentials of Network Slicing in 5G Networks

  • What is a Network Slice?

  • Example of Network Slicing in 5G

  • Single Network Slice Selection Assistance Information (S-NSSAI)

  • Network Slice Subnet Instance (NSSI)

  • Multiple Slice Support

  • Network Slice Instance (NSI) Life Cycle

  • Preparation Phase

  • Instantiation Configuration and Activation Phase

  • Run-Time Phase

  • Decommissioning Phase

  • Network Slicing Management Model: CSMF, NSMF, NSSMF

  • Radio Access Network Slicing Example

  • Slice Availability in the 5G Networks

  • Signalling Related to Slice Availability

  • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF) Services

Security in 5G

  • 5G Roaming Architecture

  • Logical Entities for Network Access Security in 5G

  • Authentication CredentialRepository and Processing Function (ARPF)

  • Subscription Identifier De-Concealing function (SIDF)

  • Authentication Server Function (AUSF)

  • Security Anchor Function (SEAF)

  • Network Access Security block diagram

  • Initiation of Authentication Procedure

  • Concealment/Deconcealement of SUPI

  • Authentication and Key Management (AKA) Procedure

  • 5G AKA Security Hierarchy

  • 5G EAP-AKA for non-3GPP Access Architecture

  • 5G EAP-AKA Security Key Hierarchy

Internetworking between 4G and 5G Networks

  • Core Aspects

Network Function (NF) Services

  • Access and Mobility Function (AMF) - Services

  • Session Management Function (SMF) - Services

  • Policy Control Function (PCF) - Services

  • Unified Data Management Function (UDM) - Services

  • Network Repository Function (NRF) - Services

Call Flows

  • Registration Call Flow

  • De Registration Call Flow

  • UE Triggered Service Request

  • Network Triggered Service Request

Voice over 5G

  • Introduction to Voice over 5G

  • Codecs for Voice over 5G

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)_ for Control Signalling

  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) in 5G Network

  • IMS Components

  • IMS Connectivity Requirements

  • UE Registration with IMS-PCSCF Discovery

  • UE Registration with IMS-Signal Flow

  • 3rd Party Registration in IMS

  • SIP Signalling for Voice over 5G Call Setup

  • IMS Media Bearer Establishment for Voice over 5G

  • Teardown of 5G Voice Call

  • EPS Fallback for Voice over 5G


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