Waleed Hosny Founder and CEO at WH-CONSULT CANADA has a PhD in Wireless Communication in 2004 and managed large scale Wireless/WiMAX/LTE/WiFi network deployments Worldwide in Morocco, Malaysia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Nigeria, Russia, India, Cuba, Cambodia, Costa Rice, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Mexico. Waleed Provided Technical Training/Seminars to Hundreds of Engineers who are working in the  area  of  Wireless  Telecommunication all over the world.


Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and key marketing strategies. There is always a solution. We are experts in these technologies:


  • Broadband Wireless Systems Sub 6 GHz PTP & PMP

  • Industrial Wireless

  • Gigabit Millimeter Wave 60/70~90 GHz

  • Microwave 6 - 38 GHz

  • Gigabit WiFi 802.11ac standard

  • Internet of Things IoT & M2M Infrastructure

  • LTE & LTE-A

  • HetNets & Small Cells

  • Solar Energy


This service provides project on sites visits, data gathering and customer meetings to help on starting the RF wireless network design that provides the optimum coverage for the target area or city followed by writing the BoQ that reflects that Design


Using a professional Design tools such as EDX Signal Pro, We provide detailed path loss analysis when Point to Point design and detailed area coverage when Point to Multipoint design. We design for BWA, Microwave, Millimeterwave, WiMAX, LTE, and WiFi.


In the past ten years, we trained thousands of engineers globally.

We deliver both, technology specific technical training events & product specific detailed technical training events for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. 

We deliver the training at the customer premisis or at a hotel conference room


We provide onsite/offsite customer guidance and supervision before and during the installation phases of the wireless networks. This service minimize the time and effort needed in the optimization and commissioning phases. We might use our global trained partners to help on the installation phase if required. 


This service is provided onsite and after the complete network installed. We help the customer's technical team in testing, commissioning and certifying the installed links.  The objective is delivering quality and stable operating wireless links.


As a Part of Successful Operation, We help the customer in building the central management and monitoring system with his technical team, creating the essential monitoring screens and reports. We provide also the needed technical training to the technical staff on how to maintain the NMS.

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